Bus hire terms


Terms and Conditions for the use of ‘GoLofty’ website

The Company website provides an internet venue where Customers may register their requirements online. GoLofty acts as a facilitator to help provide a Customer with a suitable operator, enabling them to compare prices and vehicles from our largest inventory of operators in return for their service. The contract is strictly between the operator and the Customer.

The website must be used for personal use or legitimate business price comparison purposes.

Accurate and complete information is required and you will enter into a contract with the operator on the basis of this information.

GoLofty provides price comparison services and you enter into a separate contract with the operator, you should check the terms and conditions provided by the operator that you choose.

Delivery & Validity of Quotes

We do not control the price, offers, length of offer or special considerations relating to the quote, these are set by the operator.

In order to purchase the service offered you must confirm us.

You should receive all of your quotes online, however, at certain times, you may be contacted by telephone or email.

Each operator is different in their approach to the provision of the quote. When further information is required, an operator may contact you directly for further assistance

Payment for Service

Payment terms to be agreed between the Customer and the Operator.


We always wish to improve our service and ensure that your expectations are met. Therefore we will send out questionnaires to Customers randomly selected to make sure that we are providing the service expected.

Content & Intellectual Property

We are not responsible for statements of fact made to you by us.

We are not responsible for accurately reflecting service as provided by the operator to us.

Operators are responsible for their failings or errors and have a separate duty of care to you.

You must not use information or copyright material unless you have written permission from us or the owner to do so.

Termination & Jurisdiction

We may issue a warning, temporary suspension, permanently suspends or terminate your right to use this website if you breach any of these terms or conditions.

In the event of a dispute in connection with or arising out of these Terms and Conditions, Indian law will apply.

Breakdown and Delays

The company gives its advice on journey time in good faith. However, as a result of breakdown or traffic congestion or other events beyond the reasonable control of the company, journeys may take longer than predicted and in those circumstances, the company will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the hirer as a result.

Loss or Damage to Personal Property

The company will not be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, personal property left in vehicles, howsoever caused.

Liability for Injury

The company will not accept any liability for damage, injury or loss by any passenger standing up or walking around the vehicle whilst in motion.

Supplying Coaches with Additional Seating Capacity

The company reserves the right to supply a larger coach than that ordered for any journey and in this event, no additional charge shall be made to the hirer unless the additional seating capacity is utilized.

The Use of Other Operators Vehicles

The company reserves the right to substitute other operators’ vehicles in place of its own for any journey or part thereof.

Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the hire charge is payable at the time of booking. The balance of the hire charge is payable no later than 7 days prior to the date of hire unless other payment terms are agreed in writing. (The company reserves the right to decline to execute any work when the foregoing condition has not been adhered to, in which case the deposit becomes forfeitable by the hirer to the company.)

Drivers Hours Regulations

The hirer undertakes to abide by all statutory requirements and regulations which may in any way affect the journey or itinerary in question. Drivers are familiar with these regulations however they will conform to any reasonable request made by members of the party.

Cancellation by The Hirer

a. The company reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee on a sliding scale as follows

1. Prior to 7 days of departure – Loss of Deposit.

2. Within 7 Days of departure – 100% of Hire Charge.

b. The cost of accommodation, meals and theater tickets which have already been purchased by the company at the request of the hirer, will be charged to the hirer, plus any administration charges incurred by the company.

c. Cancellation due to inclement weather conditions will be charged as above

Consumption of Alcohol

Consumption and of alcohol on company vehicles is forbidden.

Returnable Additional Deposits

The company reserves the right to insist upon a returnable additional deposit being provided by the hirer in addition to the hire charge. This deposit will be returned to the hirer following completion of the hire provided that no additional expenses were incurred by the company which was a direct result of the hirer, or his passenger’s actions.

Additional Charges

The company reserves the right to impose additional charges on the hirer following completion of the hire if the passengers have left the vehicle in an unreasonably untidy condition or having required additional time or mileage which was not included for in the originally booking.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly forbidden on all of the vehicles.

Parking and Toll Charges

Unless included in the Quotation, tolls and parking charges will be chargeable to the hirer.


We set ourselves very high standards and look to provide these same high standards in everything we do, but we also know there may be occasions when you feel we have not achieved this.

If a resolution cannot be reached between you the customer and the Operator please register a complaint by emailing Bushire@golofty.com and we will respond very quickly to start an investigation.

We will update the terms and conditions on our website of any changes, these changes will take immediate effect when posted. You are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these terms and conditions. You should read this document carefully.


Terms and Conditions for the use of GoLofty website

The GoLofty website at www.golofty.com is owned and maintained by Aman Bus Service. These Terms and Conditions are therefore binding between you (the Operator) and Aman Bus Service for use of the www.golofty.com website.


The Operators who provide reasonable quotations to the Customers.

The Customer

The individual or company wishing to advertise for reasonable transportation costs from operators.

GoLofty’s Objective

To match the Customer requirements with a suitable Operator.


Payment for the booking agreed between Operator and Customer.

The Role of the Coach Hire Comparison website

The Coach Hire Comparison website provides an internet venue where Customers may register their job requirements online. CHC acts as a facilitator to help provide a Customer with a suitable Operator. Any contract is strictly between an Operator and the Operator.

Business Obligations

Operators have an obligation to provide safe legally operated vehicles.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall GoLofty (including its officers, employees, directors and operators) be held liable for any loss of profits, revenues, or any special incidental or consequential damages, however arising, including negligence resulting from or in connection with this agreement or use of the GoLofty website.

The GoLofty website and services are offered ‘as available’ and ‘as is’ without any warranties or guarantees expressed or implied. We and our operators specifically disclaim the implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless GoLofty (including its officers, employees, directors and operators) from any claim or demand including legal fees made by any third party due to or arising from your use of the Coach Hire Comparison website.

User Agreement Violations

Coach Hire Comparison reserves the right to terminate your account temporarily or permanently should you violate any part of the Terms and Conditions or User agreement. This includes the termination or suspension of and transactions you may be involved in at the time, without refund, compensation or liability for loss of business or revenue which you may claim as a result of such termination.

Coach Hire Comparison reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes will be posted on the Coach Hire Comparison website and will be considered effective when posted. If you do not accept these terms and conditions at the time of reading then your account will be closed with us.